Brazilian Visa for Foreigners

Characteristics of the visa

Visa is a document granted by diplomatic and consular representations from Brazil abroad which allows the entry and stay of foreigners in National Territory, provided they meet the conditions established in current legislation.

Visa is merely an expectation of right and does not guarantee the entrance of foreigner in national territory. Its admission may be prevent and the stay in national territory may be reduced when is it convenient for national interest, since the granting is an act of discretionary power of Brazilian State.

The Itamaraty is a Brazilian Government’s body responsible for granting visas, which happens through Embassies, Consulates General, Consulates and Vice-Consulates of Brazil abroad.

Types of visa

The visa are classified according to the nature of the travel and stay of foreigner in Brazil, and not according to the passport presented. The types are:

  • 1 – Diplomatic Visa
  • 2 – Official Visa
  • 3 – Courtesy Visa
  • 4 – Tourist Visa
  • 5 – Transit Visa
  • 6 – Temporary Visa
  • 7- Permanent Visa
  • 8 – Temporary Residence Visa

Applying for a visa

To apply for a visa, foreigners must submit the visa application form duly completed, a valid travel document, proof of payment of consular fees, International Certificate of Immunization, when necessary, and other specific documents for the type of visa requested.

The application for a visa for persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by written travel authorization from parents, legal guardians or competent judicial authority.

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