About Maranhão

Photos Reproductions: 1: Governo do MA; 2: Maranhão Maravilha; 3: FCPMinc; 4: Leonardo Mendonça/Sobre o Tatame; 5: Diário de Bordo

The mixture of indigenous, black and white races is present in cooking, crafts and in almost every aspect of popular culture.

Bumba-meu-boi, Tambor de Crioula and Caroço, Festa do Divino Espírito Santo and other cultural manifestations make Maranhão a State rich in tourism. With the largest ecosystem diversity of Brazil, the State is divided into five tourist poles, each with its specific attractions:

São Luís, the capital, is where numerous festivals guarantee a fun and instructive ride;

Delta das Américas, an ecological paradise is full of rivers and creeks;

Chapada das Mesas, is perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts, with its gigantic natural sculptures;

Photo Reproductions: 1 Embratur; 2: Melhores Destinos; 3: Catraca Livre

Lençóis Maranhenses, is the only desert in the world surrounded by crystal clear lagoons;

Floresta dos Guarás, is where lush mangroves are home to an enormous diversity of reptiles, fish and other animals.

Source: Visit Brasil

For further information about State of Maranhão, access Government of Maranhão’s website (link in portuguese).

Photo Reproductions: 1: Imirante; 2: Felipe Sobrinho; 3: Atins ME. 4: Dennis Sarmanyo; 5: Sampaio Correia