UEMA’s Programs to Foreign Visitors

Resolution 1219/2016 – CEPE/UEMA – Mobility for students of Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

The International and National Academic Mobility Program for Graduates and Postgraduates (PROMAD) is offered to the students who are regularly enrolled in the undergraduate and Stricto sensu postgraduate courses of the State University of Maranhão (UEMA) and for the students enrolled in National and foreign teaching or research institutions, which being the partners institutions of UEMA.

The PROMAD aims to gather other academic experiences, integrate into various contexts and national and international scenarios, and to acquire new information, skills and abilities relevant to each area of knowledge.

UEMA Grants

In 2017, an institution created the UEMA Post-Graduation Support Program (PROAP), which aims to improve and maintain the quality standard of Stricto sensu graduate programs.

Visiting professors interested in developing research at UEMA may contact the International Relations Office or any professor of the UEMA, who could submit its application.

Scholarship Program for Postdoc Senior Researcher

The State University of Maranhão regularly calls for the proposals to obtain scholarship for a senior researcher, destined to Brazilian or foreign researchers, of recognized scientific and/or technological production, to integrate the teaching staff of the master’s or post-graduate programs of UEMA.

Validity: 24 months

Scholarship Program for Vising Post Doctorate Senior

The institution also grants scholarships for the Ph.D Degree holders in the UEMA, to work in the scientific or technological research, in the respective thematic line of each postgraduate course. The aim of the doctorate fixation program is to promote the consolidation of graduate and postgraduate education, strengthening research groups, creation of new research lines, and contribute to the support a scientific-technological base capable of improving sectors and considered its importance to strategic activities for the development of the State of Maranhão.

Validity: 12 months.