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Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students

  • Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students – PEC-G

PEC-G offers opportunities for higher education to students from developing countries with which Brazil maintains educational and cultural agreements. This program is administered by the Ministry of External Relations (MRE), through the Division of Educational Themes (DCE), and the Ministry of Education (MEC), in partnership with HEIs throughout the country. PEC-G selects foreigners, from 18 to 23 years old, with complete high school, for accomplish undergraduate in the country.

The selected foreign student executes the graduation for free. On the other hand, it must meet a certain criteria, among them, prove he/she is capable to afford his/her expenses in Brazil, to have certificate of high school completion or an equivalent course and proficiency in Portuguese language, in the case of the students from nations outside the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Preferably, people in socioeconomic development programs, agreed between Brazil and its countries of origin, are selected. The agreements determine the student’s commitment to return to his/her country and contribute to the area in which he/she graduate.

  • Exchange Program for Graduate Students – PEC-PG

PEC-PG is the result of partnership among Foundation of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (Capes), Ministry of External Relations (MRE), through the Division of Educational Themes (DCE), the Ministry of Education (MEC) and National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq).

It has the objective of granting full doctorate scholarships in Brazilians HEI to professors, researchers, professionals and undergraduates of higher education from developing countries with which Brazil maintains an Agreement of Educational, Cultural or Science and Technology Cooperation aiming at the qualification necessary for the student to contribute to development of his/her country.

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  • CNPq

  • Estudar Fora Foundation