The Advisory Office for International Relations (ARI), of Cabinet of Rectory, was created in 2015 to develop, guide and promote the internationalization of the State University of Maranhão.

The ARI will accomplish several activities in the following areas:

International Cooperation Agreements Division (ICA)

  • Propose and make available regulations to optimize the internationalization process;
  • Execute and follow up procedural actions aimed at conclusion of international cooperation agreement;
  • Support the realization of presential language studies abroad or in the Uema itself;
  • Establish and maintain the committee of native consultant translators connected to OIR;
  • Register the Uema in the mobility programs for residents and foreigners;
  • Maintain communication with education institutions abroad for conclusion, maintenance and renewal of institutional agreements;
  • Make available an updated list of ICA confirmed or in progress;
  • In contacts, contracts or bidding supports to acquisition of public translator services;
  • Diagnosticate the ICA performance annually;
  • Promote meeting with ICA coordinators from Uema;
  • Promote and advise international events at Uema;
  • Develop projects aimed at internationalization of Uema;
  • And any new actions necessary for good performance of sector.

International Mobility Division (IMD)

  • Instruct teachers, students and administrative technicians to study, exchange and internship abroad;
  • Execute actions to incentive the acquisition of proficiency in foreign language, such as operationalization of Idioms without Borders Program (IsF-MEC) and the TOEFL-ITP preparatory module in Uema;
  • To act as TOEFL-ITP Application Center, coordinated by IsF-MEC program;
  • Support the Portuguese language program for foreigners;
  • Maintain database of agencies, scholarships programs and collaborative research funding with foreign institutions;
  • Provide material for propagation of the Uema in international missions;
  • Support visiting missions and workshops of researchers in foreign institutions;
  • Receive and instruct foreign teachers and students;
  • Establish and maintain register of volunteer teachers and students for hosting foreign teachers and students (Home exchange “Uema-Friends”)
  • In the articulation of the practice of technical English by area of specialty of center (paper in classroom);
  • Accompany and propagate new opportunities of scholarships and research funding on OIR website.