ARI presented a lecture entitled the “exchange opportunities in times of crisis”

The Office for International Relations (ARI) of UEMA accomplished the lecture “Exchange Opportunities in Times of Crisis”, on March 13th, for students and professors to the undergraduate course of Architecture and Urbanism course, located at the Rua da Estrela, Historic Center of São Luis.

professors of Course of Architecture and Urbanism, Ingrid Braga, Nádia Rodrigues, Andréa Duailibe and Fernando Lima, director of CCT/UEMA. In the center, ARI advisor Thales de Andrade

The Prof. Thales Passos de Andrade, Advisor to ARI, and the Prof. Andréa Duailibe, director to the undergraduate course of the Architecture and Urbanism, and coordinator of the Housing and Innovation Laboratory, chaired the lecture.

Prof. Thales de Andrade, in his talk highlighted the opportunities of internationalization can be availed by the students and teachers of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and the actions of ARI office, such as the monthly informative, international magazine and the bilingual site. The advisor, in his lecture, gave details on the regional concerns, national and international calls, acquisition of a second language, proficiency tests, accommodation and reception of exchange students through the UEMA Friend Program”.

Writing: Raysa Guimarães

Images: Elkenson Costa