Uema and University of Beira Interior, located in Portugal, begin International Cooperation Agreement until 2020

The State University of Maranhão (Uema) and University of Beira Interior (UBI), located in Portugal, narrow relations, due to the international cooperation agreement (ICA) between the institutions until 2020.

The partnership between both universities, consolidated through the cooperation agreement between the Master Degree in History of UEMA (Known as PPGHIST) and the Master Degree in Cinema of UBI, has as initial aim enable the PPGHIST students, theoretically and methodologically in order to use the audio-visual tools in the elaboration process of the pedagogical products that will compose their Master conclusion tests.

According to Department of History and Geography professor, Monica Piccolo Almeida, the agreement began with her participation in the 7th Annual Meeting of the Association of Moving Image Researchers (AIM), held in UBI in May of 2017.

“After initial conversations, the event coordinator, also coordinator of the UBI’s Master Degree in Cinema, professor Paulo Cunha was invited to teach a workshop to PPGHIST students about the potential of the audiovisual as a didactic tool. During his stay at São Luis, the bases of cooperation between the two HEIs and the possible ways to consolidate the partnership were thought of”, the professor said.

Since the basis of the agreement is the theoretical and methodological qualification for graduate students, professor Monica analyzed that other UEMA master degrees, such as of Geoagraphy, Language and Regional and Sociospatial Development, probably will be integrated to the agreement, since the audiovisual can compose other dissertations, not being restricted to the field of History.

Among the benefits UEMA will conquer as a UBI partner, it is “the consolidation of the internationalization process which is happening, for the first time, by means of the student mobility, not only of professors, in this moment. 4 PPGHIST students are are taking class at UBI. Therefore, attend classes for one semester in a foreign university will allow out students a broadening of their research perspectives, and open paths for them to become part of international networks of researchers” assured the History professor.

About the University of Beira Interior

UBI is distributed by: Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Letters and Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition, UBI has more than 600 professors and 270 employees throughout its five faculties and services.

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