Uema and Grenoble INP, located in France, begin International Cooperation Agreement until 2023

The State University of Maranhão (Uema) and Grenoble Institute of Engineering, or Grenoble INP, located in France, narrow relations, due to the international cooperation agreement (ICA) between the institutions until 2023.

According to professor Ewaldo Eder Carvalho Santana,of the UEMA department of Mathematics and Informatics and who took the first step to the agreement begin, it all started during his doctorate when he was in contact with Dr. Christian Jutten, who works at Grenoble INP. “Through these contacts, he invited me to accomplish a postdoc under his supervision, Université Grenoble-Alpes (UGA). This postdoc was during 2015 to 2016, with funding from CNPq. During this time, the idea of a partnership between UEMA and Grenoble INP came up”, recalls the professor.

In June of 2018, he and professor Rita de Maria Seabra Nogueira, current pro-rector of Research and Graduation had traveled for an internationalization mission in France, where conversations were initiated for agreements with the National Higher School on Advanced Systems and Networks (ESISAR), the National Higher School of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (ENSIMAG), both of Grenoble INP, and with the Institute for Research for Development (IRD), which works with earth and biological sciences.

The agreement with Grenoble INP, which covers ESISAR and ENSIMAG, aiming to carry out exchanges and internships of the undergraduation students. According to professor Ewaldo, engineering courses will be considered, but in future the agreement may be extended to other courses.

To him, have a partnership with an institute of this size, will be of great value for the UEMA internationalization. “Since  UGA (which Grenoble INP is part of) has as one of its educational axes the students exchange with several countries, , the agreement with UEMA will facilitate the sending of students to our region. Let’s quote here Mrs. Marianne Geton, from the International Relations department of UGA, who told us that they were very excited about the possibility of sending students to the only one Brazilian capital founded by French”, said.

Considered as one of the best engineering schools in France and the world, Grenoble INP has professional-oriented courses, 38 laboratories and renowned research & development services amongst international scientific and industrial community. For over 100 years, Grenoble INP has been gathering renowned engineering schools, close to the industrial world and open to the world. Today, this great higher education institution has entered a new era with its 6 engineering schools:

  • Grenoble INP – Ense3: Energy, water and environment
  • Grenoble INP – Ensimag: Informatics, applied mathematics and telecommunications
  • Grenoble INP – Esisar: Advanced systems and networks
  • Grenoble INP – Génie industriel: Industrial engineering
  • Grenoble INP – Pagora: Paper, print media and biomaterials
  • Grenoble INP – Phelma: Physics, electronics and materials science

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