Fulbright Brazil launches study/research grants and English Teaching assistantship for US citizens

Aiming to encourage the internationalization of Brazilians universities with the coming of U.S citizens for an acknowledgment exchanges, Fulbright, in partnership with the Brazilian government, offers 30 study/research grants and 110 English teaching assistantship in Brazil.

Portuguese language skill, or in other Romance language, is desireable, although not a requirement. The grant period is for 9 months.

Study/research grants

Proposals to conduct research and/or study in Brazil, either independently or as part of the candidate’s current graduate program, will be considered. Affiliation with an academic institution is central to this type of project, as is the presentation of a well thought-out research plan.  All applicants are required to demonstrate the relevance of their projects to the Brazil Fulbright Program’s mandate, which is to enhance mutual understanding between the United States and Brazil.

The grant period is nine months, from February to November, 2020.

English Teaching Assistantships

ETAs will be assigned as language-learning assistants working up to 20-25 hours per week, but they will not be responsible for teaching entire courses. They will develop and lead language learning activities and classes under the supervision of faculty, and promote U.S. culture through cultural and social programs.

The grant period is nine months, which correspond to the academic year in Brazil, from February to November 2020. 

Further information on Fulbright Brasil website.